time is money

Gentle beings - d'you know what?

*  Create you own personal archetype of yourself that includes this sensitive gentle aspect. What is her/his name? What do his/her eyes look like? How does she/he walk and how would his/her voice sound as she/he greeted someone? Walk around your house as him/her, feel her/him in your face, your eyes and the way you move. 

* Allow beauty and the arts to nourish you, to have a place in your life, your home and your own expression.

Some editors are famed for being lacerating dragons, whipping their authors into shape; others are gentler guides, coaxing their authors – often over a period of years – to create their best work. Athill was very much in the latter camp. Some authors, though, can’t manage even the gentlest of guidance. Her relationship with the always-tricky Naipaul was finally sundered when she made suggestions as to how he might improve his 1975 novel, Guerrillas: he wouldn’t accept them – and quit Deutsch forthwith. Athill has written of her intense relief. “It was as though the sun came out,” she said. “I didn’t have to like Vidia any more.”