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Lussuria - staining the waters of mt. sinai red / hexagone

"Oh my, I wonder what the commotion is." Lussuria sighed, nonchalantly pulling on his suit jacket. He wasn't really worried, because if push came to shove, he knew his family of rowdy boys could take out just about everyone within a five mile radius. Looking out the window, Lussuria could see smoke spiraling into the dark, blood red sky. Had he been sleeping that long? Or perhaps it was a fire that cast the deathly color into the purity of the usual blue hue. It wasn't long before he found out it was indeed a fire that was masking the sky of its true nature. Lussuria already sensed the danger that was approaching the window and used his incredibly fast foot work to maneuver to the other side of the room, conveniently standing next to the door. An elaborate explosive device hurled into the window with such a force that it sent glass flying into the corners of the room. Why wasn't he alerted to the attack earlier?

Lussuria - Staining The Waters Of Mt. Sinai Red / Hexagone