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Sir Terry, 77, who was brought up a strict Catholic in Limerick, turned his back on religion at the age of 17, but in an interview last October admitted that he had not ruled out rediscovering his faith

In 1814, most of Britain's army was engaged in the Peninsular War . Then in April, Napoleon I abdicated the throne of France. This provided Britain the opportunity to send 16,000 veteran troops from the Peninsula and other garrisons to North America. Several experienced Major-Generals were also detached from the Duke of Wellington 's army to command them. The Secretary of State for War and the Colonies , the Earl of Bathurst , sent instructions to Lieutenant-General Sir George Prévost, the Commander-in-Chief in Canada and Governor General of the Canadas, authorizing him to launch offensives into American territory, but cautioning him against advancing too far and thereby risking being cut off. [7]

Sir Simon Battle - BattleSir Simon Battle - BattleSir Simon Battle - BattleSir Simon Battle - Battle