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As A Man (2005) – Assassin (aka: Bang Bang)
..... Album: Infiltration (September 13, 2005) (VP Records)
..... Album: Riddim Drive: Sleepy Dog (June 5, 2005) (VP Records)
..... Album: Reggae Gold 2005 (June 21, 2005) (VP Records)
..... Single: As A Man (March 2005) (label: Steely & Clevie) (riddim: Sleepy Dog)
..... Lyrics: Found

As It Dun Load It Back (1993) – Jigsy King (aka: Load It Back)
..... Album: Load It Back (VP Records) (October 20, 1993)
..... Album: Strictly The Best 11 (VP Records) (November 30, 1993)
..... Single: As It Done Load It Back (1993) (label: Techniques) (riddim: Stalag)
..... Lyrics: Not found
..... Note: This song was named on an Internet forum discussion, when dancehall fans were enumerating their favorite 'batty boy' songs.

Baddest Girl (2002) – Lady Saw
..... Album: Reggae Gold 2002 (May 21, 2002) (VP Records)
..... Single: Baddest Gal (2002) (label: Rattler) (riddim: X5)
..... Lyrics: Found
..... Note: Could this one really be considered an homophobic songs in the way we are analysing them here? Probably not. Lady Saw describe the harassment she goes through when she walks in her neighbourhood. The homopphobic line goes 'Ras a bun fire weh di fassy dem a try, if yuh dis Lady Saw yuh get boom bye bye' . The way I understand it: the same way Rastafarians are 'burning' homosexuals, she does a similar attitude when someone try to mess with her, she is using the now (unfortunately) famous Buju Banton's quote 'Boom Bye Bye', probably with the gestual of a gun made with fingers. A confirmation of my theory might be appreciated.

Badman Surprise (2003) – Spragga Benz, Bounty Killer, Madd Cobra & Assassin
..... Album: Reggae Gold 2003 (June 17, 2003) (VP Records)
..... Single: none
..... Lyrics: Not found ••• v •
..... Note: This song seems to be a combination of four songs made by VP Records for the album Reggae Gold 2003. Here's the comment that I found on the internet: The song 'Badman Surpritse' was actually a spliced-up mix ofsome seriously lethal individual badman tunes, anchored bySpragga’s rhetorical question “You mussi tink say man a fool...pussy?” After make another search, it seems like the song is on a riddim named SURPRISE and the four artists have a song recorded in 2002 with that riddim. So the four original songs that were used for that mix are probably: WATCH WHAT YOU SAY (by Spragga Benz), KILLA (by Bounty Killer), HAUNTED (by Madd Cobra) and DIET (by Assassin).

Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl (1998) – Harry Toddler
..... Album: Reggae Gold 1998 (VP Records) (May 26, 1998)
..... Single: Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl (1998) (label: Studio 2000) (riddim: Sniper)
..... Lyrics: Found

Bogart's breakthrough as a leading man came in 1941 with High Sierra and The Maltese Falcon . The next year, his performance in Casablanca (1943; Oscar nomination) raised him to the peak of his profession and, at the same time, cemented his trademark film persona, that of the hard-boiled cynic who ultimately shows his noble side. Other successes followed, including To Have and Have Not (1944), The Big Sleep (1946), Dark Passage (1947), and Key Largo (1948), all four with his wife Lauren Bacall ; The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948); In a Lonely Place (1950); The African Queen (1951; Oscar winner); Sabrina (1954); The Caine Mutiny (1954; Oscar nomination); and We're No Angels (1955). His last film was The Harder They Fall (1956).

Sluggy Ranks - Lightning & ThunderSluggy Ranks - Lightning & ThunderSluggy Ranks - Lightning & Thunder