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Bravecaptain - november

On signing to Ankstmusik , Ffa Coffi Pawb became one of the leading bands on the Welsh music scene, and released three albums – Clymhalio , Dalec Peilon and Hei Vidal!'. [3] [4] [5] [6]

As a teenager in 1985, Gruff Rhys played drums for the North Wales band, Machlud, appearing at the Pesda Roc festival in Bethesda. After playing drums for the band ...

The Breaks enjoyed a positive reception from the British press, but one harsh critique stands out: “To me it sounded like an old man playing old man’s music for old men.” And Carr wouldn’t disagree; he’s the one who said it . It’s natural for artists to be hyper-critical of their own work, but Carr’s comment comes more from a position of authority than insecurity—one colored, perhaps, by the fact that he’s just put out a solo record that reminds us he’s not only one of the most redoubtable tunesmiths of his generation, but one of its most adventurous sonic architects as well.