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My name is Laimy, from a machine company called GIGA LX in Shanghai, China. I’m new in the machine industry and would like to ask you for help on the lubrication materials, cus one of our client in Thailan wants to buy Aluminium EP2 Grease, which we can not export.
So what’s difference between Aluminium EP2 Grease and EP2 Lithium Grease??
We hiden a small box of Aluminium EP2 Grease in our machines when we exported last year. And now, what we should advice him to buy?

While that’s the lowest opening stateside in the  Cars  series, it should be noted that this movie typically plays younger, evident in its G-rating (that’s why they call it a handholder pic, because the kids that attend need their hands held by their parents) versus the PG-fare of other Pixar films which also play to adults, with clever humor and/or big sociological or philosophical themes (.  Wall-E, Inside Out ). The latter has more breadth at the .

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